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  •  No qualifications or experience needed to start the course
  • Be your own boss
  • No threat of redundancy
  • No retirement age
  • Gain a government recognised qualification with letters after your name



        Become a Driving Instructor


Congratulations on being courageous enough to explore what we have to offer in becoming a driving instructor. This is your first step at creating a better quality of life for you and your family and we are so excited that you have started your journey to a brighter future! 


If you feel like you are stuck on a treadmill that isn’t going anywhere, are told what and when to work and feel like life isn’t your own then we can help you. New Driver Schools of Motoring have been established and successfully impacted peoples’ lives for 25 years.


The lifestyle we can provide is the flexibility in working hours to choose when and where to work and when to spend time with family and friends. You plan your own diary and will earn a steady income.

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